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April Community Hours: Links, Videos and Materials from 4/17/2024

Thank you for your interest in April 2024 Community Hours. This post includes links and materials from the session:

Watch the presentations with our Teaching and Learning Experts:

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Register for the May 22nd Community Hours at 1pm. Join Dr. Maggie Stanislawski and Dr. Liz Litowski as they share and expand on their recent conference presentation from the TOPMed Annual Meeting in February. Asthma is one of the most common chronic respiratory diseases in the world. Asthma prevalence varies widely across populations with particularly notable differences in Hispanic/Latino subgroups. Prevalence tends to be relatively low in Mexican Americans and extremely high in Puerto Rican Americans, which is partly due to different environmental exposures and genetic risk factors in these populations.

Recent evidence suggests that gut microbiota characteristics might also contribute to asthma, but these relationships have mostly been studied in childhood asthma. As part of a BioData Catalyst Fellows project, they examined associations between gut microbiota characteristics and asthma in Hispanic/Latino adults. They found many associations between gut microbiota characteristics and asthma in this population, which were particularly strong in individuals with both asthma and obesity. Their results provide insight into mechanisms involved in both asthma and obesity.

Visit the links shared during the chat in the order they appeared:

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