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March Community Hours: Links, Videos and Materials from 3/13/2024

Thank you for your interest in March 2024 Community Hours. This post includes links and materials from the session:

Watch the presentations with Sweta Ladwa:

BDC Overview - March 2024 (8 minutes)

BDC Released Data Dec 2023 to March 2024 (5 minutes)

BDC Future Data Updates (March 2024) (9 minutes)

Watch the demo/feature highlight: Share Data Between Platforms on BDC (4 minutes)

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Download the slide presentations at the bottom of this post.

Register for the April 17th Community Hours at 1pm on Teaching with BDC.
Using BDC in your courses supports teaching and learning computational methods, reinforcing concepts taught in other classes and bridging learning into research. Students (and instructors) may be short on the coding skills needed to get started in other environments, but can start using BDC resources immediately. BDC offers both code-forward and no-code informatics methods and you will learn how to use both. This allows for focusing on teaching and learning the science, rather than learning a new coding language. After your course, you and your students can still use BDC resources, and BDC can support their further skill acquisition by providing coding environments within the now-familiar BDC ecosystem. In this session, you'll learn how to set up course materials including test data, methods, and example analyses and how to provide access to files and code. We will showcase administrative tools, which allows instructors to help or provide feedback to students in real-time or asynchronously.

Visit the links shared during the chat in the order they appeared:

Please reply to this post with any comments or questions about the session. 

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