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February Community Hours: Materials and Downloads from 2/28/24

Thank you for your interest in February 2024 Community Hours. This post includes links and materials from the session:

Watch the presentations with Dr. Jose D. Vargas:

Watch the demo/feature highlight: Expanding Multi-Cloud Platform with BDC powered by Seven Bridges (13 minutes)

Download the slide presentation at the bottom of this post.

Register for the March 13th Community Hours at 1pm with Sweta Ladwa NHLBI BDC Data Management Core Scientific Program Director for a BDC Data Update. Remember, if you can't make the live sessions, we will send you the materials after the session.

You'll also hear from Emily Hughes, while she demonstratesData Export from the BDC-PIC-SURE UI Public Project: enabling users to use a CWL tool to export selected data from BDC-PIC-SURE into a BDC-Seven Bridges project. This, combined with BDC-PIC-SURE API Public Project, give savvy and novice users the ability to make cohorts on BDC-PIC-SURE and bring data frames over to BDC-Seven Bridges for analysis.

Download the NHLBI Heart Month social media materials for distribution and use.

Visit the links shared during the chat in the order they appeared:

Please reply to this post with any comments or questions about the session. 

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