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Request Pilot Credits

What are Cloud Credits?

Cloud credits are required to perform certain tasks, such as running analyses or storing results. If you are new to the concept of cloud computing, you can refer to Estimate and Manage Your Cloud Costs documentation from Seven Bridges for a primer on how cloud costs are incurred. 

Request Pilot Credits

New users of BDC who are affiliated with non-commercial entities may apply for an initial $500 in cloud credits, also known as Pilot Credits. Pilot Credits can be used to test and evaluate BDC for your research needs; for example, piloting pipelines on smaller samples and estimating how much full analysis will cost. 

To apply for Pilot Credits: 

  1. Go to the Cloud Costs and Credits page of the BDC website. 

  2. Fill out the Cloud Credits Request form. 

  3. For the question, “BDC users may request one of the following,” select “$500 in initial pilot cloud credits to begin a project or explore the ecosystem.”

  4. A new dropdown menu will appear, “Select your preferred analysis platform (or choose to explore both).” From here, choose to add the funds to Seven Bridges. 

    • Make sure to include your Seven Bridges username in the new text box that appears, so that the funds can be added to your account.
  5. Click Submit.


Most requests are approved within one business day. 

Once you've received funds...

Once you've completed the Cloud Credits Request form and the funds have been applied to your Seven Bridges account, leave a response on this post.


Questions about cloud credits or requesting pilot credits? Let us know below!


The pilot funds have been credited to my account. 

Thank you



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The pilot fund have been applied to my Seven Bridges account.

Thank you



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