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Welcome and Introductions


Thank you for attending our two-day virtual workshop, Starting Cloud-Based Research on BDC.

Feel free to engage with other users or create a post with any questions before, during, and after the workshop. We encourage all questions! This forum will also be monitored by our technical support staff during the workshop.


Take a moment to introduce yourself; feel free to include your area of research, institution, what you hope to get out of the workshop, or any questions you have in advance!

I'll go first - I am Amber Voght, and I am a User Engagement Specialist with the BioData Catalyst Coordinating Center. I am excited for this workshop to get underway, and to hear about the research that participants are interested in or are currently doing.

Note: Slides and meeting info will be made available on the post here.

Hello everyone! I am Lanisha Howze (she/her), and I am an online curriculum manager at Morehouse School of Medicine. I am here to learn about BDC in order to provide support to our instructors and students. I do hope to utilize it in my personal research as I am a doctoral candidate currently at Samford University.  

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I am Jill Keith (she/her) and am a Professor of Biochemistry at Winston-Salem State University. I synthesize small molecules that can address diseases/disorder. Currently using data science to find a cure for drug addiction.

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Hi I'm Chuang Peng, Professor of Mathematics at Morehouse College, mathematician by training. In addition teaching Mathematics, I have been teaching statistics, programming, data science, and bioformatics. First cohort of faculty members at AUCC for its data science initiative. Still very excited for all the projects/workshops/webinars with data science.

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Hi, I am Widodo Samyono, Associate Professor of Mathematics at Jarvis Christian University, Hawkins, TX 75765. I have designed and been teaching Introduction to Statistics and Data Mining, doing research in Computational and Mathematical Biology. Currently, at Jarvis I have used data from the in viltro laboratory experiments for treating cancer cells with nano particles to do the mathematical modeling. After the workshop I will extend the topics of my current research by adding the topics from this workshop.

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