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Welcome and Introductions


Thank you for attending our two-day virtual workshop, Starting Cloud-Based Research on BDC.

Feel free to engage with other users or create a post with any questions before, during, and after the workshop. We encourage all questions! This forum will also be monitored by our technical support staff during the workshop.


Take a moment to introduce yourself; feel free to include your area of research, institution, what you hope to get out of the workshop, or any questions you have in advance!

I'll go first - I am Amber Voght, and I am a User Engagement Specialist with the BioData Catalyst Coordinating Center. I am excited for this workshop to get underway, and to hear about the research that participants are interested in or are currently doing.

Note: Slides and meeting info will be made available on the post here.

Hi, I am Widodo Samyono, Associate Professor of Mathematics at Jarvis Christian University, Hawkins, TX 75765. I have designed and been teaching Introduction to Statistics and Data Mining, doing research in Computational and Mathematical Biology. Currently, at Jarvis I have used data from the in viltro laboratory experiments for treating cancer cells with nano particles to do the mathematical modeling. After the workshop I will extend the topics of my current research by adding the topics from this workshop.

Hi I'm Chuang Peng, Professor of Mathematics at Morehouse College, mathematician by training. In addition teaching Mathematics, I have been teaching statistics, programming, data science, and bioformatics. First cohort of faculty members at AUCC for its data science initiative. Still very excited for all the projects/workshops/webinars with data science.

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I am Jill Keith (she/her) and am a Professor of Biochemistry at Winston-Salem State University. I synthesize small molecules that can address diseases/disorder. Currently using data science to find a cure for drug addiction.

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Hello everyone! I am Lanisha Howze (she/her), and I am an online curriculum manager at Morehouse School of Medicine. I am here to learn about BDC in order to provide support to our instructors and students. I do hope to utilize it in my personal research as I am a doctoral candidate currently at Samford University.  

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Greetings folks,

My name is Candice Thornton (they/them) and I am a 3rd year doctoral student and adjunct instructor at Clark Atlanta University. I am here to learn more about BDC so that I can support my STEAM-based mentees and students. I hope to incorporate this technology into my curriculum so that undergraduate students are introduced to research possibilities in the early semesters of their matriculation.

Hello everyone!

My name is Zakiya Barnes. I research polymer and materials chemistry in Dr. Eric Mintz's lab at Clark Atlanta University and teach chemistry laboratory at Morehouse College. 


I am passionate about research, development, and manipulating data. I'm very excited to learn about BDC from you in the workshop!

Hi everyone! My name is Cera Fisher and I use she/her pronouns. I'm a Community Engagement Manager for the BioData Catalyst powered by Seven Bridges. I am really motivated to help people learn how to extract meaning from data, I love computational biology, and I'm really excited to be part of this workshop today. While I do a lot of work now with human genomics and transcriptomics, my enduring research interests are in the evolution of novel physiology and morphology in insects. Ask me about bugs! Also, ask me about getting set up on BDC-Seven Bridges! 

Hello Everyone!

I am Tyesha Burks (she/her).  I am currently an Associate Professor of Biology (Genetics) at Bowie State University.  My research interests include aging and genetic health disparities.  I have a fond appreciation and interest in data science and analytics.  I have incorporated DSA and genomics in my courses.  I am trying to learn as much about it as possible so I can start using it in my research projects.

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Dear All, my name is Hung-Chung (Joe) Huang, and I am a faculty in the Dept. of Biology at Jackson State University in Mississippi. I am a Bioinformatician and Computational Biologist/Biochemist. I teach Biology, Genetics, Bioinformatics, and Biochemistry related courses. The research in my Bioinformatics Lab has a lot to do with genomics-based or structural-biology-based bioinformatics.  I will learn something on BDC from this NDSA workshop that I can implement into my research projects.

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Hi everyone, my name is LaTonya Hill, I am the Associate Program Director for online education for our Justice Involved Care programs. I have a clinical background and have a desire to expand my knowledge base in the field of research. I am honored to be here and look forward to learning all that this workshop has to offer.

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Greetings! My name is Suzan Anwar, I am an assistant professor at Philander Smith College, computer science department. I teach intro to data science using Python, machine learning methods, and CS capstone courses. I am interested to learning about how BDC can help me and my students in providing resources to improve my career development, gain new skills, and networking/collaborating with you other attendees. Looking forward to participating in the BDC workshop!

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Greetings! I look forward to attending the workshop. I hope to learn more about BDC and how this tool can be used in future research. My research interest are centered around business and how this information can assist organizations with making better ethical business decisions for all communities and ecosystems.

Faculty- Morris Brown College 

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Hi Everyone,

I am a research analyst at the University of the Virgin Islands and my department is population and housing statistics focused. My research interests include trauma, grief and coping with loss, and women's health. Currently, I am the end of my dissertation journey and will defend my study within the next two weeks. I look forward to this workshop!

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I look forward to participating in this 2 days workshop. My research interest is the synthesis and characterization of novel antimicrobial agents. I am a professor in the Department of Chemistry at Clark Atlanta University.  I currently serve as the Director of the NSF-funded Partnership for Research and Education in Chemistry (PREC) at Clark Atlanta University.



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I am Oyebade Kunle Oyerinde. At Clark Atlanta University, I teach students how to use data to identify and solve public affairs problems, including health disparities. I am strongly interested in learning about BioData Catalyst to help me be a better researcher and use research findings to advocate for the health of the voiceless in society.  

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