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Northwestern Onboarding Module 01: Platform Essentials

The first onboarding module is ready to view!  Please watch on YouTube at this link.  The slides are attached.

Module 01 Video

Remember your training project is located at this link

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After feedback and thanks to Cera Fisher we have added chapters to the first video!  This will give you a better understand of the topics covered and allow you to quick navigate to specific sections.  Remember to do the exercises at the end.

0:00 Introduction: What is BioData Catalyst? (17 minutes) 17:20 Tour of the Platform: What can I find where? (8 minutes) 25:00 Accessing BioLINCC Data and the Northwestern Training Project (6 minutes) 30:33 Requesting Cloud Credits to fund your own research (2 minutes) 32:30 Understanding Cloud data access (8 minutes) 40:25 Using Data Browser to access hosted genetic/genomic data (7 minutes) 47:06 File management with folders and metadata (10 minutes) 57:07 Exercises: test your knowledge and complete lesson challenges (2 minutes) 59:24 Challenge 1: Create a folder and copy files in (5 minutes) 1:03:55 Challenge 2: Create a copy of a Data Studio session and run it (11 minutes)

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